GROW with SAP to help growth-focused firms adopt cloud ERP

Harness the power of speed, predictability, and continuous innovation 

Unlock rapid deployment and agility with an optimized adoption approach to S/4HANA

Over the past 20+ years, Korcomptenz has honed the expertise to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions tailored to fuel the expansion of your financial operations. Say goodbye to outdated legacy systems and hello to boundless growth. 

Our cloud solutions empower you to surpass limitations, stay ahead in your industry, and continuously enhance your processes for seamless adaptation to changes. With our world-class cloud solutions, transition confidently without the risks of traditional ERP migrations. 

Groundbreaking insights
Scalability and Flexibility


Grow with SAP offers speed, predictability, and continuous innovation to support your company’s evolution and growth. 

What are midsize companies focusing on to grow at the needed pace?
Midsize Companies focusing on to grow

No Business is Too Small for SAP

Midsize enterprises need scalability without complexity. Agility is crucial for survival and thriving in the current market. 

Midsize companies, employing around 55% of all workers globally, are vital to economies and SAP’s customer base. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition provides industry-specific best practices and continuous innovation to nurture growth. 

The GROW with SAP solution offers SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, with adoption and acceleration services, alongside access to experts, partners, and a thriving cloud ecosystem for businesses to flourish. 

SAP Small Business

Unlock the value of GROW with SAP

Drive business growth

Accelerate growth with a comprehensive ERP system and industry-leading practices, while ensuring sustainable scalability through ESG transparency and key metrics. 

Access to preconfigured processes to propel your business forward. 


Navigate global expansion seamlessly by managing regulatory requirements effectively. 

SAP Managing Requirements
Achieve faster growth through seamless integration across HR, Finance, Supply chain, and Manufacturing line of business.
SAP Requirements

Ensure your success

Stay ahead of the curve, leveraging continuous updates on the latest innovations and security enhancements. 

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