Upgrade your SAP system using Microsoft Azure's modern capabilities

Expedite your journey to SAP S/4HANA to achieve rapid modernization

Microsoft Azure enables seamless deployment of the entire SAP ERP suite, with SAP S/4HANA workloads of any scale. Its highly efficient services, equipped with integrated threat prevention measures, provide the flexibility required to develop one-off services and solutions quickly and securely, surpassing the capabilities of on-premise SAP Landscape.

Operational Intelligence

SAP S/4HANA is a unified ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution distinguished by its integrated, smart, and intelligent functionalities. These capabilities are realized through a streamlined data model and the SAP HANA in-memory database, facilitating real-time data analysis insights and forecasting with integrated Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Operational Intelligence
Effective processes

Process Automation

Transitioning manual tasks to automated processes can alleviate cost burdens, work backlogs, and enhance employee satisfaction by reducing the repetition of labor-intensive duties.

By migrating your SAP landscape to the Azure Cloud, automating manual tasks, optimizing your processes, and reducing manual interventions, you can achieve several benefits.

Enhanced Operations

Leverage the complete features of the Azure Cloud for driving efficiency, controlling costs, circumventing technical limitations, gaining comprehensive visibility across operations, swiftly provisioning applications, and fostering agility for rapid adaptation and evolution.

Enhanced Operation

Accelerated innovation

Legacy ERP applications and siloed data centers can stifle creativity and hinder innovation within your workforce. A complete overhaul might prove to be excessively time-consuming, resource-intensive, and costly. Instead, consider migrating your SAP stack to Azure Cloud and augmenting your applications with cutting-edge technologies.

This approach enables several advantages: expediting innovation processes, promptly addressing customer demands, enhancing agility, and facilitating access to systems and data across multiple devices and interfaces.

Groundbreaking insights

When your SAP data is fragmented in silos, outdated, or not integrated with non-SAP data, obtaining the necessary insights for informed decision-making across your enterprise becomes unattainable.

Transitioning to the Cloud presents an opportunity to consolidate your data into a unified, real-time view. You gain from: ability to swiftly adapt to market trends and competitive landscapes, develop new business models, and strategize process enhancements.

Groundbreaking insights
Winning combination

What makes SAP on Microsoft Azure a winning combination

Streamline daily operations by leveraging embedded collaboration and AI, enhancing decision-making speed, and fostering innovation.  


Benefit from continuous monitoring of security posture for the entire ecosystem via Azure Security Center. Get identity and access management with Azure Active Directory (AD). SAP-specific Threat Monitoring is accentuated with Microsoft Sentinel solutions.

Extensive Storage

SAP on Azure supports extensive SAP HANA workloads (up to 20TB of RAM) among all Hyperscaler public cloud providers. You can expand to a capacity of 60 TB RAM for HANA OLAP, and support for single-node configurations up to 20 TB for HANA OLTP.

Cost Advantage

Minimize expenditures and total cost of ownership (TCO) with a pay-as-you-use subscription model. Get reduced data archival costs up to 60 percent, and achieve savings of up to 40 percent or more on Azure-certified SAP on-demand infrastructure.

Advanced Analytics

Get intelligent and intuitive analytics across your SAP and non-SAP data using Azure Synapse Analytics, and visualize data using various tools such as Power BI and Tableau.

Integration Capabilities

Use Microsoft Teams for processes or, Power Platform for building low-code Apps, Chatbots and automating processes, or connecting IoT and Edge

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor allows you to collect data from Azure Infrastructure in a single location, and visually comprehend the insights for accurate troubleshooting, creating custom visualizations, queries, and alerts.

Why consider Korcomptenz's SAP on Azure solutions over other options?

Seamless S/4HANA Implementation

Get a budget-friendly, prompt, and risk-mitigated plan for adopting S/4HANA, allowing you to measure progress accurately. Remove ambiguities by defining the starting point and promptly integrating SAP Cloud Solutions, deploying new applications, and initiating your digital transformation journey.

Affordable Solutions for Every Stack

A demonstrated core competency in hosting and managing any SAP solution stack at a competitive as well as budget-friendly price. Get to gain from deploying your SAP S/4HANA stack in the Azure Cloud with a cost and value-driven advantage.

Diverse Experience

Regardless of the size of your SAP on Azure migration, we possess the required tools, capability, resources, as well as worldwide presence to successfully

Unified Solution

Get the capacity to merge platforms, services, intellectual property, as well as support into a unified solution enables you to allocate resources on core business endeavors

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