Seamless Migration from Microsoft Dynamics to SAP S/4HANA

Faster and Efficient migration to S/4HANA 

Discover our competitive edge of SAP S/4HANA

With our deep experience and expertise in both Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and S4/HANA, we possess a unique advantage as your migration partner. 

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 & SAP expertise:

SAP S/4HANA advantages

Leverage S/4HANA’s advanced capabilities, real-time processing, integrated analytics, and future-proof architecture to secure your competitive advantage and enhance operational efficiency and agility. 

Performance and Speed
Advanced Analytics and Reporting
User Experience
Integration and Ecosystem
Scalability and Flexibility
Future-Proofing and Innovation
Operational Efficiency
Industry-Specific Solutions
Compliance and Security
Supplier Consolidation
Industry-Specific Solutions
Tailored Solutions

S/4HANA provides industry-specific solutions tailored to the unique needs of various sectors, offering deeper functionality and more refined processes than the generic capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics.


Compliance and Security

Advanced Security Features

S/4HANA includes robust security features to protect business data, ensuring compliance with global regulatory standards.

Advanced Security Features
Regular Compliance Updates

SAP ensures that S/4HANA remains compliant with evolving regulatory requirements through regular updates.

Regular Compliance Updates
Supplier Consolidation

Supplier Consolidation

Unified Platform

Migrating to S/4HANA can consolidate multiple systems and solutions into a single, unified platform, reducing the complexity and overhead associated with managing disparate systems.

Why Korcomptenz

Over 20 years of SAP expertise

We are well-versed in all versions released since the early 2000s and possess extensive industry expertise.

Round-the-clock collaboration

You have the option to engage our SAP consultants exclusively for your project, or assemble a team of developers dedicated to your project. With the latter approach, we ensure continuous progress on your project round the clock.

In-depth expertise

Our SAP experts possess knowledge across multiple technology stacks, enabling them to approach your challenges from diverse perspectives and enhance the likelihood of discovering a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Comprehensive SAP Service Offerings

Our SAP specialists will provide you with a tailored, top-tier solution that extends beyond mere custom development, incorporating additional modules or applications, aimed at saving you both time and money.

Competitive Value and Cost

We assure competitive prices along with exceptional quality. Implementing S/4HANA typically yields up to 40 percent operational cost savings and boosts efficiency by 35 percent to 40 percent.

Adaptable and Dynamic Team

No matter which service you procure from Korcomptenz, we tailor a distinctive approach for every business, irrespective of size.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

With our extensive experience and expertise in both Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and S/4HANA, we have leverage unique Dynamics to S/4HANA tools and methodology and are uniquely positioned to be your ideal migration partner. Our MSD expertise will speed up data migration. 

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